Thursday, January 21, 2021

ABA Banking and Card System

Along with your prepaid card program the ABA group also provides a full service web-based back-office to give you an opportunity to access and manage every day today needs of your program.

Issuing cards, loading cards, uploading KYC, viewing information of individual cardholders, managing your various program needs and a lot more can be achieved just by logging into the merchant back-office which has been provided.

ABA provides you the co-branded credit cards opportunity to design diverse levels of administrative security access user logins to the back office for the different roles and responsibilities employees could have for accessing the platform.

The necessary tools have been embedded to enable effective co-branded card program management to give companies, the independence and the peace of mind needed to manage effective day-to-day operations of a program which has a user-friendly interface.

Cardholder Online Banking

An online banking tool is provided to every cardholder of ABA. The ability to access the online banking portal is easy because cardholders just need to use the Internet to access the portal from their desktops, smart phones or tablets.

The online banking system portal can also be customized and has an elaborate interface which provides a number of tools that enable cardholders to:

  1. View balance and transaction history.
  2. Access/view a virtual card.
  3. Update personal information.
  4. Top up their cards.
  5. Card2card transfers.
  6. Reporting lost or stolen cards.
  7. Upload/manage KYC documents.
  8. Retrieve Pin and a lot more.

Additional prepaid credit cards features can also be incorporated while also removing existing features in the program to accommodate the necessities of all programs and provide the precise information that is demanded.