Thursday, January 21, 2021

Card Design, API, Reporting and Tools.

Scheme compliant card designs, the creation of marketing materials for co-branded card programs, cardholder communications and promotions, web design and content all constrain the time and the particular knowledge of the card issuer along with scheme requirements and an elaborate program knowledge and planning.

Effective communication is essential to drive program success and maximizes cardholder satisfaction. If you need any assistance to implement your program without delays and have access to great results you should be using our marketing and designing specialists to speed up program approval and enhance the looks of your product.

Enhanced Reporting

Achieve the best results out of your prepaid card program with the enhanced reporting tools provided by ABA, which are committed and can be downloaded.

Access to all data pertaining to your program, which will include transactions, merchant account balances along with the movement of funds from your accounts. You can benefit from the various reporting systems pertaining to your program, which will allow you to develop better relations with your customers.

You will find a number of ways for breaking down data and accessing the information which is important for your online banking system operations within a user-friendly interface that will make you understand the immense benefits of prepaid. Contact us if you need more information about reporting.

API Connectivity

ABA has an extensive set of APIs along with the technical tools to integrate your co-branded cards platform and establish automated connectivity to enhance the experience of your consumers.