Thursday, January 21, 2021

ABA Cardholder Support for Prepaid Cards

Customer service needs are also incorporated within the online banking system turnkey solution which is provided to help you to take advantage of multilingual, friendly and a fully equipped support team.

ABA has a customer service department which is expanding rapidly along with staff that has received the training of all the details of your program with the sole intention of catering to the unique needs of your cardholders and the program you are using.

ABA has been able to reduce cardholder customer service needs by over 80% when compared to competing co-branded card programs with the intelligence and the user oriented features, which have been built into the self-service cardholder portal.

IVR, live chat, telephone and email support are some of the methods, which are used to enable cardholders to remain in contact with the support team when they have any needs or concerns regarding their card account.

Numerous companies are already equipped with efficient customer care departments and are providing elaborate cardholder services in-house but can also take advantage of the CSR module to obtain a better sense of control over cardholder support. ABA can provide for backup co-branded credit cards support as required.