Thursday, January 21, 2021

Complete Prepaid Card Program Solutions

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We have provided a range of services and features supporting your prepaid card program to get the best value from prepaid. The list of turnkey solutions we have provided has been mentioned below:

Merchant Back-Office

A comprehensive web-based back-office to provide you easy access to manage everyday needs of your program.

Cardholder Online Banking.

Cardholders can manage their accounts with the full cardholder online banking tool which has been provided.

White Label and Branding

ABA provide a range of co-branded card program options for system communications, cardholder portal and card design and a lot more.

Global Issuing

ABA works with multiple issuers in order to provide global issuing capacity.

Cardholder Support

Client support is available via live chat, phone and email.

Enhanced Reporting

You can select from various customized reporting tools and state-of-the-art data services.

API connectivity

Conveniently integrates the ABA online banking system into your gateway or platform. A comprehensive set of API tools are accessible automated control.

Card Design and Customization

A graphic-design team is on hand with ABA to help you manage your design needs, and MasterCard design requirements.


State-of-the-art and intelligent marketing tools are available on the platform to enhance marketing efforts.