Thursday, January 21, 2021

Government Card Programs. Corporate and Consumer Lending

ABA also has an entire white label card program solution which enables corporate and consumer lenders to disburse their loans instantly following approval directly onto their branded prepaid MasterCard.

In return, the lenders get an efficient distribution system for the funds and prove to be a significant difference between competitors that are not offering similar services.

This solution is allowing borrowers the option of associating themselves with a co-branded debit card in their wallet to the lender by encouraging repeat business and making it possible for them to address the funds according to their convenience at any place where MasterCard is accepted.


The ABA group offers various services to global governmental organizations giving them an opportunity easily to distribute social benefits, tax reimbursements, disability, unemployment, etc.

This is a great solution for streamlining payments and bringing down the costs of government payments. The method is also effective for distributing prepaid card program funds to qualified individuals who could be non-banked.