Saturday, December 5, 2020

Virtual Credit Cards

The ABA group understands the importance of instant satisfaction in a co-branded credit cards world which is rapidly increasing its pace. ABA has a virtual card platform which enables the issue of virtual cards.

What Precisely Is a Virtual Card?

A virtual card is an image of a co-branded prepaid card which can be viewed on the screen. ABA provides online banking facilities with PCI compliant security to display the data on the card for the cardholder to view their virtual card.

These cards can be used for on-line purchases, telephone purchases and even recurring payments. ABA utilizes its platform to enable cardholders to convert the virtual credit cards into a chip or a plastic card at any time.

Instant Issue Cards For Marketing, Instant Payments, Micro-Payments and Much More.

Virtual Prepaid Cards are a cost-effective method to obtain online purchasing power and make instant access payments.