Thursday, January 21, 2021

Global Issuing. White Label Prepaid Card Programs. Program Branding.

White label and program branding will give you an option to put the label of your company in the premier position of co-branded prepaid cards and custom design the program with your brand mark.

A number of aspects of your program can be branded with messages, colours and logo. You can custom design your prepaid credit card, cardholder communications, automated email systems, cardholder portal, virtual card, card carrier and a number of branding features are available to enhance the program.

You can enhance your customer loyalty by adding credibility to your company when you put your brand along the front lines because you are also adding brand exposure to your clients. The options of branding, which exist on this, and therefore, you are advised to contact ABA to understand more about the flexibilities of branding.

Global Issuing Capacity

The ABA group has within a short time become the global-local prepaid card provider. We have partnerships along with issuing relations with multiple banks across Europe, North America, Latin America and Africa and ABA can provide a worldwide issuing capacity with a local touch.

Regardless of the needs of your program, whether it is corporate or consumer related you can rest assured that ABA has you covered with a several currencies and a cards issuing platform.

The requirements for local money transfer license regulation are embedded within the platform with every jurisdiction to ensure appropriate compliance. Have a discussion with us today about any country-specific requirements you may have to get started.